Peak Property Group FAQ’s

  • How come I have never heard of Co-Development?

    Co-Development is a unique process that to this day no other company has adopted or strategically implemented. Joint ventures and partnerships are nothing new, however when it comes to Co-Property Development this measurable process is not something that has been centralised and demystified by a single entity. A powerful concept inherent to the owner of Peak Property Group, who’s goal was to achieve financial opportunities for for both the landholder and developer.

  • How do I establish the potential of Co-Developing my property?

    Like most things in life, engaging a professional to strategically analyse your investment and financial opportunities will not only offer options; but will assist in clarity when making larger financial decisions. Ultimately you have a vision which can be realised through Co-Development and partnering with the best advisors and consultants at Peak Property Group. They can offer industry insight, feasibility study, logistics in private town planning, council regulations, land zoning; access to services such as water, sewerage, gas, electricity and internet; all but a few things that require assessment to maximise the potential of your development.

  • How do I know I can trust Peak Property Group?

    Peak Property Group have been in the industry for over 10 years and currently have in excess of $150 million dollars in developments across Melbourne, and that figure is steadily growing. Client testimonials speak volumes and many have been obliging when asked to express their Co-Development experience on camera. Each project goes through rigorous feasibility and planning stages; that offer client confidence, due diligence and financial scope prior to any demolition or construction process takes place.

  • What are the risks associated with Co-Development?

    Like all investment opportunities, there is always an element of risk. The Peak Property Group Co-Development model reduces this risk through capital support, cost absorption, feasibility studies, strategic planning, logistical support and by dodging the industry pitfalls by means of industry experience. Essentially you as the owner put up the land and Peak Property Group create the necessary partnerships that will transform your life in the next 3 to 5 years.

  • What is my first step in property development?

    The first step in Property Development involves the fundamentals, financial feasibility with a knowledge around numbers and an involved understanding of council requirements including land sub-division. Just because your neighbour 3 doors down has propped up 3 Townhouses, doesn’t necessarily mean this is best for you. Many factors that could include; council and zoning restrictions, town planning compliance, financial, family and emotional legacies could see a range of possibilities emerge. Contact Peak Property Group today to get the ball rolling !