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Co-Development is an innovative and proven approach to creating greater financial returns and more flexible lifestyle choices for many home owners. Co-development is a partnership approach to building two or three or more multiple dwellings in replacement of the owners residence.

Many Australians have bought into the Great Australian Dream – owning their own family home. And at some point start to think about what to do with the house in which they’ve raised their family. Co-Development is an opportunity that can achieve significantly better results. To work with proven professionals to develop the family home and realise financial and lifestyle freedom and providing flexible options for the owners.

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The benefits of working with Peak Property Group

The role of the property owner is to contribute the land to the Co-development and the role of Peak Property is to invest funds into the development costs and project manage the Co-development from start to finish. Some clients choose to retain one of the beautiful and modern residences built on the property. Whilst others market and sell out the total end development completely.

The team at Peak Property are experienced experts in managing every stage of development. Peak handles every aspect and every detail in delivering the project, whilst the owners can enjoy the realisation of a new dream.

Peak are completely committed to the success of the project. We are true partners and only secure a return when the owners secure a return. Peak Property operates under a proven success record of “when you win, we win”.

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